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“When we don’t believe we are loveable, we close ourselves off from love.”

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Isn’t it ironic how we can often stop ourselves from receiving the one thing we want the most.

It plays to the 'law of attraction' the theory of manifestation - that our thoughts vibrate at a certain frequency, and like a magnet, start attracting things at that same frequency into our reality. So, when we are not being true to ourselves, ie trusting and believing that we are worthy of something, we close ourselves off from receiving those higher vibrations that already exist, and start to believe that our true worth only exists amongst those lower vibrations. We change what is possible for ourselves. We create a limitation - a lower reality than what is possible. This is also known as a limiting belief.

photography by Maddy Barr-Hamilton


You can apply this theory to anything; money, happiness, joy, friendship, career - but for this post I want to focus on love.

“Whatever you focus on, is real for you” - inspired by Owly - @cosmic_cures wise old owl of a Dad who taught us some beautiful home truths last night about energy, and how to BE.

He taught us to ask ourselves the question, “What is it that you really want to be?”

Let’s apply this to a relationship - stop focusing on what your type is on paper, and start asking how you want a partner to make you FEEL. How do you want to make them feel. What’s your perfect Sunday together. What are the non-negotiables in your future. Get really clear on what YOU want. You can do this as a visualisation journalling exercise - write a letter in present tense but as your future self, and be really specific about what you are experiencing - capture your 5 senses if you can. Don’t allow any limitations to creep in - write down your true hearts desire without judgement. There is no right or wrong here, you get to create the narrative of your story. (I’ve shared mine as an example)


It’s 10.30am on a Sunday morning - He’s dozed off again. Re-charging, unsurprisingly, as I siphoned every drop of his energy between my limbs. He’s basking in that blissful ecstasy of someone who’s just spent two hours high on unrefined pleasure. Oh the joy of raw, primal, lovemaking. He’s beautiful and gentle as he sleeps.

My mass of tangled curls fall down my back as I climb out of bed and dress myself in his loose linen shirt, grabbing some odd socks to keep my feet warm. I have never felt sexier. My neck smells like tobacco and expensive cologne, where his sweet whisky kisses have melted into my skin, lasting traces of the promises he made last night to worship me whole. I feel both light and heavy at the same time - weightless, yet full. I like that it doesn’t make sense - I don’t want it to. I adore the feeling.

The deep aroma of hot black coffee fills our kitchen as I prepare us a pot, and slice some bagels to smother with peanut butter - as I wait for them to turn golden brown, I seize the chance to run back and steal a moment pressed back against his skin, between the soft sheets of our warm bed - his arms reach out for me and hug me close,. I close my eyes for a moment and think to myself - this is my favourite place in all the world, this simple Sunday ritual is how love should feel for me.


Feel into your story and imagine it as your truth. Believe it to BE YOUR REALITY.

Now think about your daily choices - are you honouring the real you, your true hearts desires? Or are you siphoning energy that does not match up with saying yes to love?

Are you allowing the limitations to keep you small. Are you believing the story that society tells you, above the one that resides in your own inner knowing.

Acknowledging our fears & the emotions that are holding us back, allows us to work through them. Our thoughts are energy and they are constantly changing - so we must stay aware of what we tell ourselves is true for us, and what we choose to believe is true for us.

"Whatever you focus on is real for you." - Owly.

This consciousness is how we begin to align with our higher powers, our intuition & our truth - and in doing so we begin to restore the balance between what we desire, and what we manifest into our reality. Your intuition will guide you if you simply tune into her and listen - re-adjust the volume. Want some help with the technicals? Check out our Free Masterclass below: ABUNDANCE MINDSET GENERATOR - Sunday 6th Dec 11am GMT.

Written by Lucy Love @lulo_london

Photography by Maddy Barr-Hamilton @madazeene

ft Lucy Love @lulo_london

& Sam Stoddart @samosstudio


If you would like to explore this further join @lulo_london & @cosmic_cures tomorrow at 11am GMT for a free Masterclass on abundance mindset.

On Sunday 6th December Lucy & Bex will host a free Masterclass on Zoom, to help you tap into the beautiful gifts, dreams & desires you carry.

In our Abundance Mindset Generator Masterclass we will share our top tips to shift from a mindset of scarcity and lack, to one of abundance and prosperity.

We will discuss limiting beliefs, and how these can be shifted into positive affirmations and manifestations, to align our beings with a higher vibrational frequency. Attracting all the things we want through the law of attraction.

There will of course be chats about the moon in particular the New Moon in Sagittarius on the 13th.

+ Bex will also give you an insight into what moons are coming up for us in January, and how our 4-week group programme will use these energetic frequencies to 'Align and Shine' for the New Year, along with practical self-development work and group sharing exercises.

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Have a beautiful weekend and I hope to see some of your faces tomorrow at 11am GMT.

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