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We all have a reason for being alive

Have we forgotten that we are alive?

That as human beings we are living, breathing, multifaceted expressions of lightforce energy. Birthed from stars - and programmed for greatness.

Have we forgotten that we have such great importance for being here on Earth, in this moment? Be honest with yourself, do you sometimes forget your own inherent worth?

Photography by Arron Leppard @leppardco

I believe in a souls purpose, and evolution.

In the idea of starseeds and multiple lives.

That time is not linear.

That we chose to reincarnate at this time on Earth for a reason.

That our existence energetically shifts the vibrations of the web of life - of the consciousness of humanity.

Every single one of us is part of the exchange.

NOT just the people at the top of the Hierarchy as we have been conditioned to believe.

Every single person is of value and worthy in their own way.

We have been taught to measure worth as comparative, but this is not the truth I choose to live by. I trust in the worthiness of all living things.

Removing someones sense of worth, removes their sense of self, and with that they become easy to control. THIS is the power dynamic that has been pushed onto us, and as a result we feel weak, powerless, and disconnected to our part in this world.

We have forgotten we are ALIVE, living, breathing, expressions of stars.

With gifts to imbue, and frequencies to shift!

Every single experience we go through daily is creating reality as we know it.

Through our own felt sense, understanding, perception and awareness. Ultimately through what we are choosing for ourselves, what thoughts and beliefs we live by, and how we consciously and actively choose to express, and respond to life around us.

In human design we all have a personal or transpersonal karma, and our incarnation cross shines light (quite literally from our conscious and unconscious sun placements) on the specific energies our being is here to work with in this lifetime.

This is not a set of instructions and rules to become. It’s a reminder of what you already are. And you WILL remember. This information will not be new to you, but it might just overpower the doubt that you aren’t enough. It might just be that sprinkle of hope, that light at the end of the tunnel, that sign, that says YES, you are on the right path. Keep going. And please go bigger. Please take up space. Please have the confidence to claim that this is LITERALLY what you were born to be here doing.. NOT the other thing that focuses on how you live to survive. But the thing that makes you feel ALIVE. This is the contribution you have to bring to Earth and where the true heart of your worth lies. It feels different. It is your gift to this world. Claim it.

Human Design to me is giving us a familiar language that speaks to ancient wisdoms that are thousands of years old. All expressing the same truths - that we have an energy body and that it expresses through a felt sense (auric fields). Responding both to other forms of life, nature, and also to the way we treat ourselves.

Not only are we energetic beings with our own unique pulse, way of experiencing life, and expressing it. We are physical beings too. Each of the 64 gates in Human Design also speaks to the 64 genetic codons of our DNA.

I feel like the education around our genetics and the function of the organs in the body has been grossly overlooked with the invention of modern medicine and masking how we feel, numbing pain, fixing things superficially but not harnessing the root of the problem, or giving us the understanding we need about our own bodies to truly heal, nourish, and bond with the intelligence of our own cells.

The human body is remarkable, yet so few of us have a proper understanding of nutrition, of how to strengthen the health of things like our gut, our reproductive organs, our adrenal system, and hormones to name a few.

We are taught to repress our emotions and feelings, unknowingly holding onto trauma that is then passed through our DNA onto future generations (until someone chooses to break the cycle and release this energy from the body!).

Knowledge is power.

Health is wealth.

Yet we’ve all been duped into believing a system where these things only come externally, and we must become specific versions of ourselves that fit the system to thrive. Perhaps even more damaging, we’ve been disconnected from our own intelligence to always look outside for the answers rather than learning and embodying knowledge for ourselves. Everything is so available for us, that we are losing touch with our own ability to solve problems organically, for ourselves.

When we disconnect from our bodies and the innate wisdom they hold, we are losing touch with the basics of who we are. What disconnects us from ourselves, in turn disconnects us from others (community/relationships), and nature - the earth on which we live.

This is why more and more of us are feeling lost - stuck - and fragmented in our own existence. We chase after money, beauty, fame, power, but these feelings of unworthiness do not melt away, they are simply masked, numbed, and hidden.

It doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, these times are already shifting and we are changing the narrative for good.

This is the precipice of the work I am here to better understand for myself and hope to develop for mankind. Connection with Self, and connection with all other living things that are an extension of who we are.

My karma outlined by my Human Design is personal (evolution through the study of self) “The Right angle Cross of Healing.” I am here to shift humanity from the shadow frequency of GATE25 Constriction, through the Gift of Acceptance, to the Siddhi of Universal love. Grounding this into the body by shifting the energy of GATE46 Seriousness - to Delight - to Ecstasy.

If I manage to shift that needle even 0.1% in this lifetime, I will die happy.

LUCY ADAMS | Feminine Embodiment & Energetics Coach

find me on instagram: @slowliving.withlucy

Ways to work with me -

1:1 coaching and mentorship services - prices on enquiry

3 month human design journey "Embody your Human Design" £333 for 3 sessions

In person energy healing - a beautiful rural space in Dunmow Essex - from £125

Click below to enquire - or email for more information

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