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Refine your Ideas & Create an Action Plan

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Give yourself something to step into. If you don’t create the space, how can you fill it?

The front of my journal says LAGOM- Swedish for “not too little, not too much. Just right”.

That’s the advice I give for creating an action plan.

First you must refine your ideas. Choose an end goal for each month that’s achievable, measurable, put’s enough gravitas on you that you will truly celebrate from your heart when you complete it, but not too much that it will overwhelm you or cause burn-out. YOU are the judge of each of these things, feel into what is right for you, don’t compare yourself to others, be true to your self and find your own perfect sweet spot.

Take the time to sit with yourself and evaluate what comes effortlessly to you, what comes to you with complete ease? Then be honest with yourself about where you struggle and where you need to reach out for support and guidance.

An action plan is most successful when you find the JOY of doing. When your ideas and creations are born from Love. When you stop consuming knowledge externally and create the time and space to download the knowledge written in your DNA, tapping into the blueprint of your soul, the wisdom of your ancestors, your past lives. You carry so much innate power, it’s already stored in your bones, in your heart, you just don’t go inwards enough to seek the answers.

We have been holding ourselves back, thinking that the answers are all things we must consume to learn, that we have to reach out externally to find them, that we have to become something more to acquire them, that we have to leave where we are and find our purpose hiding in the depths of somewhere else, or that someone else holds the answers and can “fix” us.

What if it’s not that at all. What if all the ideas and knowledge you’ve been so busy accumulating just needs time to process. What if all the codes you’ve already discovered need time to download. Our systems need to both integrate new information, and have enough time to upgrade to meet this new version of yourself you have presented through your intention to grow. You have already reached a higher level of understanding, you just haven’t stopped to acknowledge it, or celebrated getting to this point. You’ve done the climb but haven’t taken in the view. You need to create the space to store this information, so stop consuming for a moment and let your systems update to where you are right now. Stop and allow your body to backtrack this data and re-sync so you can act on this new information and evolve into this beautiful new being you have aligned with and are desperate to activate. Cultivate some peace and release some of the energy you store that no longer serves you. That healing work is what creates the space for the downloads to upload. Until then you’re constantly stuck on “refresh your browser”.

What if right now you you don’t need any more knowledge, you just need to become familiar with and analyse the data you already have. Spend time with your new upgrade, explore it, how much of it are you already utilising? Do you really need more if you tap into 100% of your current self? Which parts aren’t you expressing, what parts aren’t you sharing and celebrating. Activate those parts of your self before you develop them.

What if you already carry so many of the qualities you think you need to succeed, you just havn’t opened all the folders in your system because you’re so busy acquiring more?

We have been gifted time, take it.

This moment, this CHOICE to slow down in order to step up, could be the exact change you need to create your dream life. You have to switch off your mind and re-tune with your heart (and womb ladies).

Ask yourself, “Who was I before I became who the world told me to be?” - Glennon Doyle

Together we will explore our answers in my Group Programme “Be Brave and Bold”. We tap into the magic of the feminine and discover your heart-song, your truest essence of being. Then we take action steps finding the beauty in bringing these gifts and desires to life with the joy of doing. It doesn’t have to feel like hard work, and you don’t have to figure it out alone. The power of a group vortex is not one to underestimate. We learn simply by coming together.

Interested? Join me at 3pm BST and let’s explore this further together. I’ll be live on facebook & IG to answer your questions.

Group Programme #bebraveandbold enrolling today. Starts May 11th

DM me your questions on facebook or IG

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