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What is my Dharma?

Musings from my journal by @lulo_london

What is Dharma? It's your soul purpose, your piece in the cosmic jigsaw that is life, your reason for being part of this human existence.

It's very easy to feel lost and that you are not good at anything, because we place so much value on success as something we do rather than be. Which is funny really because the phrase is to be successful, not to do success.

It got me thinking about what my definition of success really is. I asked myself the same thing when I returned from Bali in 2019.. "What is success to you?" I wanted to have the financial freedom to live in Bali and Ibiza for half the year, which meant either stepping up my modelling game so I could afford so much time out, or create a remote income through an online business I could run from anywhere. I had a vision of a luxury spiritual events business, that celebrated all the things I love about holistic health, whilst delivering them to women who are curious to learn, and bringing together these like-minded Goddesses in a powerful Sisterhood - Join The Goddess Squad was born.

photography by Piers Vernon-Kell

2020 may not have been the year I had planned, but it was the year I had needed.

My original 2019 plan had been to put all my energy onto what I knew 'modelling', and kept JTGS as a passion project, sitting on the bleachers like something in a Taylor Swift song. I was waiting to 'make it happen when the time was right'. Little did I know, the time was right now!

March 2020, I had planned to head back to Bali - spend some time writing and working on the biz. Unable to fly, and unsure of what my income would be during this Pandemic I chose to let go of the visions I had and re-focus on what I still had power over. I could still write and work on my biz - yes a private villa in the Ubudian jungle and eating at Sage every night would TOTALLY put me smack back into my creative genius - but that was also my limiting belief telling me I can ONLY tap into my higher consciousness when I'm away from all the usual distractions. My challenge was to find that same connection to source, from my nan's house in Essex - Universe curveball. The real task was to learn how to channel that same energy, from anywhere. To remember my power is within me, no matter what goes on around me.

I set myself the intention during the first lockdown - 'I will use this time to focus on the biz'. Little did I know just how quickly that energy would supercharge!

The first opportunity I manifested was a group programme called Get (sh)IT Done, run by a Queen called Gina Swire. Gina is someone I met on my first dalliance with Bali in 2017. I had always admired this blonde amazonian Goddess who had ditched the modelling game to set up a self-love coaching empire, and live the dream life in Bali - I told myself one day I wanted that lifestyle too (..and then did nothing about it for three years!)

The day after I journaled a heart-felt game-plan for JTGS, her facebook message popped up on my screen, something like, 'Do you have a passion project you have been sitting on for ages but never make the time for? (erm.. YES), are you looking for guidance on how to action your ideas and be held accountable by someone who's living the life you would love? (ohhhh YES), are you craving a group of like-minded ladies to vibe off, learn from and motivate one another? (HELL YES - find my tribe had been on every vision board I made since the previous Jan!)' Here's the funny part though.. despite wanting ALL of these things, and her message speaking to the parts of me asking for help, I still said no. I ignored it, I talked myself out of it, 'I'm not ready yet, now is not the right time, I'm scared.' (sound familiar..?)

A day or two later it popped up again. This time it just so happened that I was ovulating and feeling like a complete invincible badass. The daring, confident Aries was curious about what this group programme would entail.. so I dropped her a message to find out more. Getting 6 months worth of work DONE in 4-weeks sure sounded like a dream, but what was the cost? I told myself if its £250 i'd do it.. then edged a little higher and said £300 (I do this when I go shopping too.. I pick up something I like without looking at the price tag and decide before looking how much I would be prepared to invest based on how much joy it would bring me.)

When I had a chat with Gina on the phone, everything vibed completely, I knew this woman was someone I would learn so much from, and saying yes to this would force me to get on with JTGS and stop talking about it. The investment was double what I had budgeted for, and immediately I thought, 'my Dad will kill me if I spend this money.' I still owed him £2500 which I was slowly paying back after landing myself in £10k worth of debt (more about that in my money mastery workshop). The strange thing was, I knew in my gut that I could afford it if I prioritised it, but I felt BAD. I should pay my Dad back first, then I could start investing in myself.. right?. I paused on the phone and was honest with Gina that it was more than I had expected, she appreciated the money block that came up for me and shared a story about investing in a 1:1 coach herself - she mentioned a book: You are a baddass at making money by Jen Sincero. I had listened to that audio (on Gina's recommendation) about 3 months before.. and it had been a total game-changer for me. As soon as she mentioned it on our call I knew it was a sign from the Universe, challenging me, 'are you going to change your money mindset from scarcity to abundance?' I HAD the money - I just didn't want to spend it. I KNEW I would earn more, and I KNEW I wanted to make this investment. I knew it was the right time, so I shut off all the screaming thoughts telling me how I could fail and I trusted the little piece of knowing in my gut that said, "Lucy, this is going to be the single best decision you've ever made." I told G to send me the payment link before I could overthink it, and so it was done. I will always thank that part of me who shut out all the noise and believed I was worthy of that yes, she changed my future as I knew it. I went on to invest 3x as much setting up my business without a single hesitation, and in that same time I have gone from being in debt to having 5 figure savings. Abundance mindset is REAL!! (I share some of my top tips here money mastery workshop.)

The month course was incredible - I pushed myself out of my comfort zone in more ways than I even knew how, because I wanted to make the most of the financial investment, Gina's knowledge and support, and being in the energy vortex of such amazing other inspirational ladies, who have helped me so much in the months that followed. Also, and perhaps the part we so often overlook, was that I had chosen to dedicate the whole month to completely focus on myself and take action steps to make this dream a reality. I went into that 4-week programme with a side hustle/ passion project/ hobby, and left with a BUSINESS.

In the first coaching session Gina said, "So we're all coaches here?" and the imposter syndrome in my head had a field day. I wanted to put my hand up and say, 'No not me, i'm a model, I just came here for fun and to see if maybe I could do this on the side.' But a little voice in my consciousness said, 'Oh that feels great though, I would love to be a coach, I would love to use my knowledge and wisdom to help others, I would love to learn how to make this possible." Again I had a choice, which set of voices did I allow to rule? Over the next 4-weeks, with the support of these incredible women, I stepped into my role as a coach. And I stopped apologising for how that may sound to others who didn't think I was able. All that mattered was knowing what gifts I had to share, and developing ways in which I could share them. I stopped allowing the judgements of others to cloud my own innate knowing, "You are a natural coach Lucy, a natural leader, you have so much to give, step into those gifts and own your power."

The moment I flipped that switch in my head, a whole sea of opportunity turned on, and I have not stopped magnetising opportunities to me! My ideas are coming to fruition at a rate I can barely keep up with, and I am so unbelievably in my bliss. I am surrounded by people who believe in me, support me and bring out my highest good. I wake up so excited to work on my projects. It can be a little overwhelmed at times, as there is so much magic to weave together, hence why I am so passionate about a healthy self-care ritual to stay balanced in my feminine - where all my magnetism comes from! Having healthy boundaries and learning when to honour saying no is important to avoid burnout.

So what is my Dharma? Right now I believe it is sharing what I know with other women. It's teaching people how to believe in themselves and activate their soul-gifts. It's building up their confidence to say yes to THEIR intuition, and reminding them of the powerful wisdom we all have within. It's talking openly and passionately about feminine energy and the importance of rest and self-care. It's celebrating emotions and feelings and the earth cycles, from menstruation to the lunar flow. It's sharing my practical know-how with my spiritual knowing, and inviting women to come and explore both alongside me, and the women I learn from. It's sharing stories and holding space for others to share theirs.

Creating offerings through my spiritual events business @jointhegoddesssquad and coaching business @lulo_london allows me to fulfil this Dharma. (Or atleast the part I understand right now!) It brings me great joy to have three current opportunities to join and work with me;

27th December: Women's Wellness Day

A beautiful day of heartfelt knowledge and wisdom with 5 other amazing Goddesses.

The day comprises of 6 workshops on Gut Health & Nutrition, Mindful Yoga and Body Healing, Periods & Hormones, Sensuality & Feminine Embodiment, Human Design & Cosmology. And ends with a sister share circle in the evening.

Tickets are £17 per session or £35 for the whole day - and you can save £5 using my code: GODDESS5

30th December: Full Moon in Cancer Goddess Gathering

The perfect way to close down the energies of 2020 that are no longer serving you, and create space for the new intentions you have for 2021. Cancer is one of the most nurturing signs of the zodiac, and also one of the most sensitive.

One of the key lessons we are given the opportunity to learn during a Cancer Full Moon is that transformation comes from discomfort. Think of a hermit crab who has outgrown their small shell. A bigger, more expansive shell is waiting, but there is always the moment of transition, where we must allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

If this sounds like something you are ready to release with us, tickets go on sale on Monday - register here for when tickets go live. I co-host this event alongside the wonderful Bex @cosmic_cures

6th January: Align & Shine 4-week programme

If 2021 is the year you choose to step into your powers, this 4-week course is going to lay the foundations you need to get you off to a flying start. Myself and Bex from @cosmic_cures are both passionate that goal-setting needs to come from a conscious heart-space, to truly manifest big dreams into powerful realities -so we have created 4 intensive modules that explore all aspects of yourself, as well as practical steps to align with your own Dharma. We are also working with the lunar flow and the 4 moon phases for guidance and energetic alignment. Be prepared to be fascinated by Bex's knowledge on what each zodiac constellation brings us, and how we can harness that magic to help us when exploring our own direction in life. Combined with my ability to bring you back in touch with the Wild Women within us all, ready to ignite your passions and thrive through your creative feminine energy.

£50 deposit to secure your space

First release £200 - [£150 remaining balance due by 20th December]

Second release £250 - [£200 remaining balance due by 3rd January]

For any questions on working with me or 2021 collaborations


or DM @jointhegoddesssquad

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