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Get ready for a radical realignment this January

2021 is a whole New Year just waiting to happen.


Together in January, we will be setting conscious resolutions, that invite us to align with our soul gifts, and shine brightly like the star-seeds we are.


Using the four phases of the moon, and the specific energy of the zodiac sign she sits in, we will channel specific intentions each week, creating healthy foundations for your wishes to take root, nurturing them as they blossom over the course of the month.


Activating your wishes in a group setting forms an active bond between us as women, allowing us to support, encourage, inspire and learn from one another. This shared sisterhood provides accountability and structure for you to not only delve deeper into your own psyche, but to feel safe and held amongst like-minded souls.


Each week we will explore a different layer of intention setting and manifesting our soul calling. Guiding you through a series of group exercises and self-exploration work, to peel away the subconscious thoughts that are holding you back from stepping into the spotlight of your highest self. You are being called to align and shine.



You know there is magic within you - you might know exactly what this is, or it might be an inkling or an intuition. Either way stuff is holding you back from truly shining - from really stepping into your full potential.


Perhaps you are a lone wolf; you find it hard to trust in other people to help and support you, but deep down you know that the wisdom and inspiration from others will help you truly THRIVE - you just need to find the right Tribe.


Alternatively; perhaps you are full of visions, soul-gifts, and things you would LOVE to share with the world, but lack the confidence, encouragement, and enthusiasm of a sisterhood, that will not only remind you how worthy you are of sharing them, but fill you back up with complete adoration for yourself.


You are someone who bursts with new ideas and intentions every month - but then struggles to take action - to see them through and to reach that point of change. You have had the same dreams for years but don't quite trust enough to truly surrender into your gifts. 2021 is the year you choose to align and shine.



I'm a fiery passionate Aries, Moon in Libra, Gemini rising. I am straight talking, forward thinking, and my enthusiasm is contagious. As a 5.1 Manifesting Generator, getting you to believe and trust in yourself is the most natural thing in the world to me, and as an emotion led empath I promise to really hear you, see you for who you are, and hold space for you to step into your highest self.


Hello Goddess - I'm so pleased you are here. Join The Goddess Squad was a download I received whilst on a 3 month sabbatical to Bali in 2019. I knew my soul-calling was to inspire other women to share their gifts, and to create a sisterhood to enable that. Not only do I ADORE reminding you of your innate power and wisdom as a woman, I love to share the exact tools and practices that brought my visions to life, and hope that my stories and experiences encourage and inspire you to do the same. Trust me when I say you are enough and you are ready. Your intuition will be telling you either yes or no right now - I urge you to trust that full body yes and join us. xoxo



As a Virgo Sun + a Scorpio Moon, I was always going to be someone who loves delving into the magical depths of spirituality, to then deliver my findings in practical + proactive methods we can all use! I’ve spent my entire adult life working with the concept that ‘where attention goes, energy flows’ and I have absolutely no doubt that we can all live the life we desire if we focus our attention on being our best self. Sure, there are ups + downs on our spiritual path, but recognising this as transformation + going with the flow is exactly what I want to help you with. Let the adventure of life begin!


Well hi there, Cosmic Queen! First of all, a huge welcome to this page - I truly believe you’re reading this for a reason. We all go through periods in our life when we just need to shake things up a bit - so the fact you’re considering taking this step is a sign. I’ve been choosing to move with the Moon for some years now and can genuinely say it’s changed my life. Whether you believe in astrology or not, there is no denying that the key to positive action is self-awareness. When designing the Align + Shine programme, we thought about what we would really need + want from a self-development course. The result is this = a chance to reconnect with your power, your intuition, and your passion for life. We’re here to guide you on this journey although, ultimately, the real inspiration will come from you. I hope you’re ready to believe in yourself!

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