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Sun, Dec 27



Women's Wellness Day

Join us for a day of celebration and learning; as 6 Goddesses share their intuitive gifts and wisdom with you, in 6 guided workshops & an evening sister circle. There are 3 sessions you can join - either individually or altogether. Come and nourish your MIND, BODY & SOUL with us.

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Women's Wellness Day
Women's Wellness Day

Time & Location

Dec 27, 2020, 9:30 AM – 9:30 PM GMT


About the Event

TIMETABLE (all times are listed GMT)

morning session = BODY

9.30-10.30am Gut Health & Nutrition with Mila @wildfemalewellness

10.45am-12.15 Mindful Yoga & Body Image Healing with Catherine @almondblossomyoga

12.30-1.30pm Periods & Hormones with Megan @higherlove_withmegan

afternoon session = MIND

2.30-3.30pm Sensuality and Feminine Embodiment with Lucy @lulo_london

3.45-4.45pm The Art of Human Design with Emma @Emma.barfield

5-6pm Constructive Cosmology with Bex @cosmic_cures

evening session = SOUL

7.30-9.30pm women’s circle hosted by Lucy @lulo_london

- - - - - - - 

BODY SESSION - with Mila, Catherine & Megan

MORNING WORKSHOP 1: 9.30-10.30am GMT

Gut Health & Nutrition with Mila: Womens Wellness Coach and Colon Therapist. @wildfemailwellness


This workshop will cover the importance of gut health and detoxification, to restore balance in the body, and to reduce the risk of disease. Mila will be talking to you about the benefits of juicing, colon cleansing, and practical tips you can start implementing at home to support your body to do what it is designed to do - eliminate waste and toxins regularly and thoroughly.

About Mila (Wild Female Wellness)

Mila is a Women's Wellness Coach and Colon Therapist. Her passion to serve others, flows from her belief that knowledge is power. Mila is committed to spreading knowledge to empower modern women, with tools and wisdom to heal mentally and physically, to rebuild their self-confidence, to trust their inner-voice and to elevate all areas of their life. She specialises in helping women cultivate lasting lifestyle habits and practices, with a holistic approach to health. Another significant component of her work focuses on our inner-ecosystem, and the importance of cleansing, consuming real, unprocessed foods, and assisting the body with the elimination of accumulated waste and toxins. After experiencing her own physical and emotional transformations on her conscious journey, Mila believes we have the power within to positively change our health and our life. Sometimes a little extra love and guidance is all it takes to reclaim your power.

MORNING WORKSHOP 2: 10.45am-12.15 GMT

Mindful Yoga & Body Image Healing with Catherine: Yoga teacher and eating disorder therapist. @almondblossomyoga


Catherine teaches intuitive mindfulness infused movement and meditation classes. Combining a focus on present moment awareness, yoga asana and therapeutic wisdom. Catherine helps to empower people to come back home into their bodies and begin to live there peacefully.

In this class Catherine will be guiding us through a mindful movement practice helping us to cultivate self-compassion towards our bodies, alongside a space to reflect on our journeys towards body image healing.

About Catherine (Almond Blossom Yoga)

Catherine is a 280hr Yoga Teacher [School of Sacred Arts, Bali | Yogarise & The Minded Institute, London] and also a Specialist Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT) for people with eating disorders.

Practising yoga has profoundly changed her own life and has helped her to develop a loving and healthy relationship with herself and her body. Catherine's passion is using yoga to help others on their journeys towards body image healing, self-acceptance and self-love.

MORNING WORKSHOP 3: 12.30-1.30pm GMT

Period positivity and healthy hormones with Megan: Holistic health coach & joy activator. @higherlove_withmegan


Join me for a re-education in your period! Having been diagnosed with PCOS in 2017, a condition which affects 1 in 10 women in the UK, I set out on a crusade to get my period back and rebalance my hormones. I discovered so much more. Not only did I get my hormones back on track holistically, I also understood the sheer magic of our cycle: our own internal compass for self-care that allows us to turbo-charge our productivity, creativity, relationships and social life. If you are someone who has a challenging relationship with your period or suffers from any hormonal symptoms (AKA most women in the western world) or you simply want to dive deeper into your womanhood, you don’t want to miss this!

About Megan

Megan is a health and nutrition coach and yoga and meditation teacher, with a full mind-body-soul approach to wellbeing. As an ex insurance broker and party-girl, all workshops are delivered with a serving of dry British humour and sass to aid the journey of coming home to yourself, reclaiming your sovereignty and activating your joy.

Megan loves bringing girls together via her virtual retreats, group programs and online community, all providing a platform where women seeking better health and deeper connection can collaborate, evolve and learn together.

MIND SESSION - with Lucy, Emma & Bex


Reawakening your divine feminine essence with Lucy: Mental & Spiritual Wellness Coach



In a world that celebrates our masculine ‘doing’ energy, so much more than our feminine ‘being’, I am here to remind you of the power that lies dormant within you. I will guide you through a series of practical exercises, and stories that will re-awaken your inner goddess, your wild temptress and your sexual seductress. Together we will ignite our magnetic powers and go back to attracting abundance into our lives like the magnetic forcefields we are as Women. Together we will re-claim our feminine essence.

About Lucy (Lulo London)

Lucy is a mental & spiritual wellness coach, specialising in self-care, healthy relationships & embodying our emotions. She uses her love of writing & photography to tell stories and kickstart heartfelt conversations around taboo topics.

Passionate about encouraging others to connect with their feminine essence of 'being' she set up Join The Goddess Squad in 2020 - an online community for spiritual events, celebrating the divine arts, and bringing together like-minded souls.


An introduction into the Science of Human Design with Emma: Human Design & alignment Coach



Our soul is intact, it’s full, it’s vibrant - it’s time to dust off the layers of conditioning that are stopping it’s full magnetism and expression.

Would you like to liberate yourself + understand your more subtle workings?

One of the biggest liberations for me came when I started to unlock my unique energy and free myself from the binds that I, quite unconsciously, had around the ways I believed I had to work in order to expand into my Highest Visions.

Square peg, round hole.

This is exactly what it can feel like when we are trying to model ourselves on other people, not knowing that these people have a completely different energetic make up to us and thus are best placed to show up in ways that will be completely unique to them.

Learning to harness our unique energetic blueprint can lead us to more ease, liberation and flow with regards to stepping into our dreams, and stop us so easily burning out and activating our 'not self' themes that will show up as indications that we are not quite in alignment with our souls gifts.

This is not another tool for you to learn new ways to become something else. This is a key for you to unlearn and release everything the world told you you were not.

In this workshop I will be sharing with you an introduction to Human Design, the amazing roadmap to us all discovering who we came here to be.

About Emma:

I LOVE alchemising an understanding of energy, Human Design and the power of yoga, to guide others to step powerfully into their own mastery, magic and magnetism. I have been teaching in this way and holding space for hundreds of souls for the last six years, with one on one deep dives, retreats and group programmes and have ALWAYS taught, and still do, that there is no fast tracked way to growth, or any one way or method to 'get there'. In fact, every single one of us is magnificently unique, and the quicker we can all illuminate and align to what is in energetic correctness for US, the more truly expansive we ALL become.


A look into constructive cosmology with Bex: Astrologer, crystal healer & moon mentor


“Embrace your cosmic potential”

Master the movements of the moon in this 1hr workshop with Bex from Cosmic Cures. She will take us through some practical tips, to constructively use the lunar flow for motivation and effective goal-setting. She’ll also delve into what you can expect from the stars, in the month of January, to kick-start some conscious resolutions for 2021.

About Bex (Cosmic Cures):

Bex is an Astrologer, female empowerment coach, crystal healer + founder of the Moon Child Sorority. She helps women align + shine with their own potential by harnessing the power of cosmic energies. The aim is to use the stars + the lunar flow to tap into your highest vibrations, moving from being the passenger on this star-studded journey to being the driving force!

SOUL SESSION - with Lucy


Led by Lucy: Mental & Spiritual Wellness coach


In our final sister circle of 2021 come together for an evening of stories, sharing, and celebrations.

Guided by Lucy @lulo_london you will be invited to reflect upon both the beauty of 2020 and the pain. You will be taken through a visualisation journey of what this year has meant for you, the challenges you have faced, the choices you have made, and your personal growth story. Together we will talk, journal, laugh, and for some of us cry, as you are held in a beautiful safe, sacred and brave circle of heart-centred women.

Take this chance to drop into your soul, and recognise the gifts you have to share with the world.

Lucy will intuitively weave together poetry, storytelling, visualisation meditation, journalling and sharing exercises, to bring us closer to our selves and one another as a sisterhood.


  • VIP all day access

    Access to all 3 sessions; BODY MIND SOUL

  • BODY (solo morning session)

    9.30-10.30am Gut Health & Nutrition 10.45am-12.15 Mindful Yoga & Body Image Healing 12.30-1.30pm Periods & Hormones *All times are GMT

  • MIND (solo afternoon session)

    2.30-3.30pm Sensuality & Feminine Embodiment 3.45-4.45pm The Art of Human Design 5-6pm Constructive Cosmology *All times are GMT

  • SOUL (solo evening session)

    7.30-9.30pm women’s circle *All times are GMT




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